Expressiv MIDI Pro Guitar
Expressiv MIDI Pro Guitar
Expressiv MIDI Pro Guitar
Expressiv MIDI Pro Guitar
Expressiv MIDI Pro Guitar
Expressiv MIDI Pro Guitar
Expressiv MIDI Pro Guitar

Expressiv MIDI Pro Guitar


The World's most advanced MIDI Guitar.


Get ready to take your performance to a whole new level. A groundbreaking fretboard scanner. An intuitive XY pad. A beautiful traditional instrument. Powerful 16Mhz processors. Together these features lift you to new dimensions of sound. And they will do the same for everything you create.

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Lightning speed.

Latency is a thing of the past. The Powerful 16MHz processor sends picked notes within 6.5 mili seconds. A patented Polyphonic fretboard scanner transforms your strings and frets into 132 unique velocity sensitive switches allowing you to trigger MIDI notes from multiple modes at blistering fast speeds. Think mind blowing synthesisers with real guitar at the speed of Van Halen.

Plug & Play with everything.

Instantly connect to any hardware synth, Digital Audio Workstation or standard guitar amp with the ultra-durable plug and play outputs. Access the powerful humbuckers and traditional acoustic output from the stereo guitar jack. The high performance USB or 5-pin MIDI output control any of the thousands of synthesiser and electronic sounds available. Use all four outputs at the same time and create a mind blowing wall of sound.

A deeper connection to your synth.

The intuitive XY pad brings more functionality to your fingertips. Dynamically trigger notes while bending, modulating, and controlling virtually unlimited assignable parameters. It performs incredibly well with a plectrum allowing you to seamlessly transition between string picking and XY triggering or simply effecting the notes you’ve played.

Introducing Tap Mode, A whole new musical experience.

A palm push on the Tap Mode button effortlessly shifts you into a control you've never known. Instantly trigger notes by touching the string on a fret, just like pressing a key on a keyboard. This allows one handed playing while giving your other hand full freedom to control note parameters - a detail that keyboard players enjoyed for years. And playing faster than ever is a breeze with two handed tapping. Tap Mode will inspire a new musical experience no matter what kind of music you perform.

Dynamic controls.

Its simple layout allows you easily access all of your controls for any parameter, any Patch or any sound. Play the highest notes of a symphony down to the earth thumping lows of powerful synth bass with the Octave Up and Down shifts. Easily get in any key with a Semitone shift. Change MIDI channels and send patch changes to control any or multiple synths at any time. Intuitive control is at the heart of the Expressiv MIDI Pro leaving your spectators wondering what world you came from.

Customize yours.

Fully customize your exact preferences with the easy to use menu. From individual string gains to XY mapping and play modes, your  performance will be a dream. The 32 character illuminated LCD display brings full MIDI control to any situation. And the onboard memory allows you save your favourite settings so your guitar is yours.

Go Acoustic.

Play completely traditional on stage and in the studio or just add another beautiful layer to your wall of sound! Hand made piezo saddles by Graph Tech in Canada bring a powered acoustic output from stereo guitar jack.

Custom Built for Professionals.

We designed and engineered the MIDI Pro for world class musicians. A Beautiful maple neck and rosewood fingerboard gives smooth, fast playing with a traditional feel. Hand wound Seymour Duncan humbuckers bring a powerful tone-rich output. Handmade Schaller locking tuners give extremely stable tuning along with ultra-fast string changing. Machined aluminium control plates with black anodised finish brings striking lifetime durability. A hand filed brass nut gives optimum playability with high sustain for years to come. We hand spray all of our bodies with 4 coats of primer followed by 3 coats of ultra-durable and stunning satin white finish. The Expressiv MIDI Pro will perform like pro’s expect: flawlessly!

The ultimate creators instrument.

Never before has this level of control been available from one guitar. Whether you want to stay traditional and experiment with new sounds or submerge yourself in modern music production. If guitar playing, music creating or live performance is your passion, then the Expressiv MIDI Pro will inspire you to new heights.