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"Wow!!!!  Rob, it's everything I hoped it would be!  Truly amazing, I can't believe how good this is! The tracking is spot on, there are no ghost notes, no latency, it's awesome.  I couldn't put it down... being able to loop guitar and synths from the same instrument, or play them at the same time... just, wow.  So much fun!! - Many thanks for building this beautiful instrument - It's been blowing my mind all evening!!!"

David Walker: USA Expressiv MIDI Pro customer


"There are a few features that might make your current guitar jealous"

"Expressiv is a real guitar... the MIDI features expand your sound repertoire immensely"
"Capable of ultra-fast tracking with no latency and no ghost notes, and the note will sustain as long as the player pushes a string against a fret"
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