Our Team

Rob O'Reilly

CEO | Engineer | Designer

Rob built his first guitar at age 15. He then moved on to the University of Limerick and earned a degree in electronic engineering specialising in vacuum tube modeling. With diverse experience in music creation and performance, he began experimenting with electronic sounds from guitar. Discovering that the options were extremely limited, he set about inventing the perfect system to bring new dimensions to his instrument - Expressiv was born.





Phil Samways

Phil Samways

Hardware & Software Design

Phil has over 40 years of experience in digital and analog design and created early technologies in areas such as speech and image processing. He lectured digital systems in the University of Limerick for over 30 years. When he's not designing circuits he loves to dance and holds national ballroom awards. He is also passionate in astronomy and anything to do with physics - most particularly astrophysics. Phil began working on the Expressiv system in 2011 and is listed as an inventor on the patents. He has made a major contribution to every area of the system design.


Pat Beasley 

Guitar Luthier

From a very young age, Pat was a passionate in woodworking. He trained as a carpenter and specialised in furniture making until 15 years ago when he decide to focus 100% of his skills on his true passion - guitars. He is an avid bass lover and when he's not playing, building or repairing instruments, he's entertaining his three daughters - Haley, Chloe and Holly!


 Jay (Giusseppe Motta)

Music Experience and Digital Marketing

Jay is an electronic guitar performance master. He has demonstrated his guitar playing and electronic composing skills winning such awards as the "world kitara contest". First introduced with RORgutiars at the Musik Messe Musical instruments trade show in Germany, he loves traditional electric guitar and shares our common vision to finally bring flawless MIDI guitar to the world. Aside from his passion for music, he enjoys a strong espresso in his home country Italy!

Sean O'Sullivan

Investor and Strategic Advisor

Born in New York City, Sean is an entrepreneur, inventor and investor. He is best known for co-founding MapInfo Corporation, which popularized street maps on computers, and for coining the term "Cloud Computing". Sean has a keen interested in music and formed a rock group "Janet Speaks French" in his earlier years. He is the founder and Managing Partner at SOSV and invested in RORguitar | Expressiv live on the Irish TV Show "Dragons Den”.





Alan Clayton

Business Coach and Mentor

Experienced in mentoring more than 50 startups across the globe, Alan brings a wide range of expertise to product development, sales, marketing, and global distribution channels. Outside of his passion for disruptive innovation, Alan loves good healthy food with his family!