Mike Levy - Record Producer at 11:11 Studios, owner at www.ChefRecords.com and Executive Board Member at Tucson Federation of Musicians

 "These instruments are beautifully crafted in Ireland. The midi features are outstanding and beyond what you can do with a standard MIDI pickup. As a bonus, the electronics also sound great through an amp or amp sim. And I'd be lying if I didn't say the infinity mirror is just the coolest! Let's support real innovators!"


David J Hockedy - Professional Guitar Player in Ireland

"I've been playing MIDI guitars for over 20 years and have never been happy with their performance until Expressiv. It tracks every note I play with incredible accuracy and the TAP mode and XYpad add a completely new dimension to my playing. I love its plug and play capability with hardware synths and how I can just plug directly into my Mac to produce music with Logic. Other than that, the MIDI pro is a beautiful hand built guitar that plays great as a standard guitar. I can't say enough about this instrument"


Giuseppe Motta - Italian Electronic Music composer, Guitar Player and Winner of World Kitara Contest

"The guitar of the future is here, the Expressiv MIDI note detection is flawless"


Senator Jaiz - Electronic composer

[Senator Jaiz demonstrated his Expressiv MIDI guitar at MoogFest 2016 - an annual music, art and technology festival]

"People loved the guitar at Moogfest . It is getting a lot of attention. Every person I have trusted to actually touch it has been totally impressed."

I'm Loving the guitar, getting used to the midi functions and I am going to be putting down some tracks this week or next. I love the playability. It is awesome."


Dave Burrluck - Total Guitar Magazine

‘it’s one heck of a visual statement, plays well and sounds great. Do you dare to be different?’


Paul Ridden - GizMag

"capable of ultra-fast tracking with no latency and no ghost notes, and the note will sustain as long as the player pushes a string against a fret"


Ronan Mcgreevy - The Irish Times 

"His guitar is a revolution in guitar design and his ambitions are equally impressive"


John Biggs - Tech Crunch 

"Expressiv is a real guitar-the MIDI expanding your repurature immensley"


 Billy Voigt - GuitarWorld.com

"There are a few features that might make your current guitar jealous!"


Brett - Kickstarter Backer for Infinity Guitar

"I was having a blast controlling my synthesizer with it - I was running it into the DAW, out through the keyboard (to use the great soundbanks it has) and out through the keyboard's speakers.  I've never been able to get as realistic control over these sounds as I did using the Expressiv, and my brother and I were blown away!  It was great and I will certainly be using this from now on".