Real MIDI. Real Guitar. Real Control.

Expressiv: MIDI Guitar System is a plug and play system that brings electronic sounds to real guitar in a whole new way.

Just plug in and play!


The Expressiv MIDI Guitar System gives you intuitive MIDI control on a standard electric guitar, and is ‘plug and play’ compatible with virtual any hardware or software MIDI device. The Plug and Play functionality means you only have to plug a standard USB cable directly into your computer with no hardware, driver or power supply required and you are ready to play awesome sounds.

Rob O’Reilly Guitars have the first and only MIDI guitar system to use a smart fretboard scanner to detect which notes you press, the same way that keyboardists get a note when pressing a key.This leaves your strumming hand free to control any parameters such as pitch bend, modulation and octave shift using the onboard touchpad, joystick and buttons. With the flick of a switch, you can change from synthesizer control to standard guitar functionality. Now guitar players of all levels of ability can easily mix sounds, sequence songs, record, compose, and perform music digitally while playing a regular electric guitar. More…

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Featured in
  • Overall I'm very pleased, you certainly designed and came out with a quality product.

    Jon Oke, USA
  • I got some great reactions from people at a jam session I played at last night… Everybody loved the look of the instrument ... I played it for a good couple hours, and it rocked the whole way!

    Dave Stern, New York
  • Hi Rob, Happy Christmas to you. We have a very happy 16 year old here with his new guitar. Thanks very much and thanks for the little note. That was a lovely touch.

    Eimer Lyons, Ireland
  • Rob, Got it just a few hours ago! It’s very cool!

    Bravo, Madrid
  • I freaking love it. Guitar sounds great, all the innovations featured work as good as advertised. I see myself getting a ton of use out of this guitar. I think a lot of my guitar buddies are going to be jealous after seeing this beauty.

    Brent, Kickstarter backer
  • The neck is surprisingly awesome. Easy access, fast play, smooth…nThe balance bar takes some getting used to (how to position the guitar against the body) but after that, very practical.

    Pedro Morgan, Mozambique