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Expressiv Infinity Guitar


The World's most advanced MIDI guitar system.


The concept behind Expressiv has never changed: to create the ultimate guitar experience and take your performance to a whole new level. The world's most advanced MIDI guitar system brings thousands of new sounds to your fingertips on stage and in the studio, all within an incredibly sleek and stunningly engineered instrument. It delivers spectacular sounds, allowing your creativity to take on a whole new life. It truly is an immersive musical experience. 

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A new generation of sound.

It's simple plug and play system seamlessly connects to virtually any sound generating module. Expressiv brings thousands of sounds to your guitar which have never been available before now. It does this all while keeping the traditional guitar you know and love: real strings, real frets, real pickups and real sounds. 

Lightning speed.

An onboard 16Mhz processor handles every creative move ensuring you have lightening performance with total control. The sleek, maple, 22 fret board and professional grade single coil pickups means you have all the beautiful sound and feel of a traditional instrument while also delivering a whole new world of technology with Expressiv. And with 3 new modes of playing never before seen on guitar, you’ll feel a whole new dynamic of control.

Dynamic control

We invested an incredible amount of engineering to bring Expressiv to real guitar. Sending accurate musical notes in 100th of a second ensures nothing gets between you and your favourite sounds.

So much more.

Expressiv Infinity is jam packed with innovations, design features and advanced technology giving you a new creative experience each time you play.

  • The Balance Bar: gives you perfect weight distribution.
  • The wall hanger: lets you show off your stunning instrument at home.
  • The locking tuners: gives you stable tuning and quicker string change.
  • The sleek matt finish: gives a smooth quality feel every time you play your instrument.
  • The onboard track pad: gives you total control of sound dynamics on the fly.
  • Bespoke hand build construction makes you’ll enjoy the use of this beautiful product for a lifetime.
  • Plug and Play Technology: means you can plug in and access sounds without any stress, just get playing.
  • Fully polyphonic: meaning that you can play up to 6 note chords at one time.
  • Download USERGUIDE here 
  • Please note that this product is hand built and has a lead time of 4 to 6 months. A deposit will reserve your place in the queue.