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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Expressiv MIDI Guitar System on Kickstarter! This new ROR MIDI guitar is a plug and play system that brings electronic sounds to real guitar in a whole new way. See it on Kickstarter!

Push The Boundaries with MIDI Guitar

Amazing synthesiser sounds can be generated with ROR MIDI Synth Guitar high tech Roland GK-3 system. With its totally unique sound and style, it’s perfect when you want bring your guitar playing to the next level.

The ROR MIDI Guitar features the same quality components as the BE Guitar, but is suited to the player who demands more hi-tech performance and recording capabilities that can only be achieved using the latest MIDI technologies.

The Roland ready MIDI guitars 13 Pin output seamlessly controls guitar synth boards such as the Roland GR-55 and GR-20 while still giving a standard guitar output to play through your regular amp. The price is very attractive considering its stunning design, precise engineering and superior build quality.

The ROR MIDI Guitar allows you push the boundaries as a modern-day guitarist. Can you handle it?

MIDI Guitar Features

  • Roland ready guitar: 13 pin connector can be connected to guitar synth boards such as the Roland GR-20 or Gr-55 which outputs both synthesizer and electric guitar sounds.
  • With the flick of a switch, the ROR MIDI Synth Guitar selects between Synthesizer and Regular Guitar sounds.
  • Equipped with two high output Wilkinson single coil pickups. On custom orders, the bridge pickup can be upgraded to a  a high grade humbucker at a reasonable price. Contact us  to discuss your custom order requirements.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping within the EU
  • Special €30 shipping rate to US and Canada
  • All other countries, contact us for quote


Guitar Sound Sample

MIDI Sound Sample

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Wireless MIDI control from your guitar! Perform. Compose. Record.

NEW: The ROR MIDI Guitar with built-in Fishman TriplePlay.

This fantastic wireless MIDI guitar option is now available to buy from our store!

ROR Guitar with Roland MIDI GK-3


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MIDI guitar opens up a whole new world to guitar players – a world of sonic possibilities that was once only accessible to keyboard players. Now, guitarists with limited keyboard skills are making their mark in audio production – creating complex soundscapes, orchestrations for film scores and more with MIDI guitar. And all this without the frustration of having to fumble your way around a keyboard!

At RORGuitars we love all guitars – both regular electric guitars and MIDI guitars – so we though why not produce guitars that offer the best of both worlds? How cool would it be to be able to switch from regular to MIDI or even mix both, with just the flick of a switch on the guitar. Musicians need the freedom to go with the flow when creativity strikes.. and just play.

Our MIDI guitars give guitarists this amazing freedom of self-expression. We chose to partner our unique designs with the best MIDI guitar pickup systems currently available to guitarists – the Roland GK-3 MIDI Guitar pickup, and the Fishman TriplePlay wireless MIDI performance and recording system.

We believe that it is possible to have high end components installed in our guitars and not affect the style and design. We wanted to build these components into the guitar body to keep the all the controls in one place within close reach of the guitar player. Great for performance onstage and recording in the studio!